Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is my first real blog...

…please be gentle with me.

Seriously, this IS my first attempt at making a blog. Not my first attempt STARTING a blog, mind you. Anyone who knows me personally will attest to the fact that I am great at starting things, not so great at following through. I have a MySpace page, technically, with two blog entries. I haven’t updated it in, probably, two years. Granted, it was pretty dull and uncreative, done more on a dare than with any purpose in mind. I have some strong opinions about things, and I tend to rant. From what I’ve seen, that’s the prime requisite for having a blog. I plan on sticking with this one. I hope. I do tend to get distracted easi… oh, hi kitty! Do you want a treat? That’s a good girl! Come he- Oh, sorry. Where was I?

Like many other trends I've picked up over the years, I decided to start blogging once the individuality and initial popularity has faded from it. I've never trusted trends or trendy things. I am not a fashion plate, and basically pride myself on NOT being trendy. Rifling through old photo albums would show you a parade of looks each about two years out-of-date, including the fedora I bought roughly between the second and third Indiana Jones movies, when NOBODY was wearing them anymore.

Why do I do this? No idea. I guess it's because I've never been one of the popular kids. I'm pushing 40 now, but I still feel and act like I've just graduated high school. No, it isn't a mid-life crisis, nor one of those "You're only as old as you feel" kind of things. I just refuse to grow up all the way. Oh, I take care of my responsiobilities. I am the father of two wonderful boys, husband to the best wife in the world. Life is good. Granted, the world is a slime-encrusted cesspool, but I try to keep our little corner of it clean. But I still love cartoons, action movies, loud music (although I have to turn it up a little more every year to hear it clearly), porn, and bags and bags of chips.

Growing up, which I'm apparently not done doing, I was always the outsider, the weird kid. As a result, I tend to view "normal" people, the majority of polite society, with an air of suspicion. So, I refuse to wear the clothes they tell us to, listen to the music that's popular, and accept that the likes, dislikes and ideas of "normal" society should just be accepted without question.

I love to write: short stories, novels, articles, you name it. I’ve actually finished some of them, which is a major accomplishment for me. At this rate, I should get something published just in time to start collecting Social security. I have an account at under this username and have contributed 14 articles so far. Check them out. I read voraciously, and watch TV to veg out. Considering I'm a Stay-home Dad and homeschool teacher to my two sons, I need my veg-out time. Other than that, Digg, World of Warcraft and some random porn, that’s the whole of my internet interests.

I’m hoping to start posting a webcomic, and thought this site might be a good starting point. My wife and I share a wicked, twisted sense of humor, and are always bouncing funny ideas for sketches and standup routines off each other. Since neither of us have time to launch a career in standup or pitch a sketch television show, I’m hoping to present some of the weirder, and hopefully funnier, ideas in a comic. I've titled this blog Mad &Hairy, because that's how I see myself. I'm a pretty big guy with long hair and a barely-maintained thatch of facial hair (too big to be called a goatee, too small to be called a beard). It also describes my personality: I'm either really, really outraged about something ("Mad"), or laughing heartily ("Hairy"). Most likely, I'll alternate between comics and text posts, depending on my mood and level of laziness.

Well, that’s about it. I’m sure there’s more to say about myself, but my brain has run out of happy juice. And, by the way, if someone should read this, then notice that I haven’t posted anything else in six months, I’m not dead. Just lazy…

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